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Single and Double Masonite Doors are stocked in standard sizes in Light Duty -Hollow Core & Medium Duty -Semi Solid options suitable for all interior applications. Only the best qulaity materials are used to ensure no warping or delamination of masonite outer surface from the core. Non Standard sizes are made to order and avialble within 24-48 hours.
Aluminium Doors of standard size 813x2013x40mm in natural anodised aluminium are kept in stock complete with hinges & locks ,ready to install . Custom size doors are made to order and supplied within 2-5 days.

Available Products

  • Masonite Hollow Core (Light Duty) (2032x813mm)
  • Masonite Semi Solid (Medium Duty) (2032x813mm, 2032x900mm, 2400x813mm,
  • Masonite Semi Solid – Double Door (Med. Duty) (2032x1613mm, 2032x1800mm,
    2400x1613mm, 2700x1613mm)
  • Aluminium Door Hinges (Sink less)
  • Hinge Butt 100mm – Bright Steel
  • Hinge Butt 100mm – Bronze Plated
  • Mortice Door Lock & Handle – Pressed Steel
  • Sink less Hinge 100mm – Bronze Plated
  • Alum. Door Std Glazed c/w Hinges, Handles, Cylinder Lock, 2 Keys (2032x813mm)
    Alum. Door Std Glazed With Mid Rail c/w Hinges, Handles, Cylinder Lock, 2 Keys
  • Aluminium Doorframe – Shopfront Type (For Brick wall) (2032x813mm)

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