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Galvanised Wall Angle
Our galvanised wall angle is knurled and manufactured locally. It is manufactured from high quality galvanised steel. It is produced with 0.6mm or 0.8mm thick galvanized steel in 3.6m lengths. It is used for the perimeter of ceiling metal framework (Galvanised grid – Grid Master). It can also be used for suspension of grid work and used in bulk heads for perfect 90-degree angles. It is zinc coated to prevent rust, is durable and strong. Surface knurling assists with handling and easier to screw/nail into walls and support beams etc.
Stud (51/63.5/102mm)

Stud is a vertical framing member in a drywall or partition. It is a fundamental part of putting up a drywall or partition. It is manufactured with galvanized steel and is roll formed locally by us. It has a Zinc rating , which means it is suitable for inland and coastal jobs.

Floor Track (52mm/64/103mm)

Floor track is a horizontal member of a drywall or partition. It is used on the base of the drywall or partition. It is nailed into the floor to guide the wall. It is the base of the drywall and is also used at the top of the wall in some instances where Aluminium Wall Channel can replace it to give the wall an aluminium top edge finish.

Corner Bead

Corner is a perforated metal angle with a hip which is used to strengthen and protect an external angle of two intersecting dry walls or partitions. Its core function is to protect the angle of the dry wall or partition.

Drywall or Partioning is a lightweight, cost effective system of building interior walls in all types of buildings. Consists of a steel framing system (Studs & Tracks) to which Gypsum Boards (12-15mm) are fixed to using Drywall Screws. The Floor Track is fixed to the floor and Ceiling using nail in anchors, nails or screws. Studs are fitted upright and screwed to the Floor Track at 600mm centres or spaces thus creating a fixed structure to which Gypsum Boards (12-15mm) are fixed to using Drywall Screws. A range of Aluminium Profiles are used in Drywalls such as Door Frames, Windows, Skirting, Wall Channel etc.(see Aluminium Profiles) 

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