Gypsym Ceiling Tiles

 Ceiling Tiles that are perfect for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional ceiling systems. These tiles are easy to install and provide both acoustic and thermal insulation benefits, making them ideal for commercial and residential spaces alike

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Discover our Vinyl Faced Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

Our Vinyl Faced Gypsum Ceiling Tiles are designed to seamlessly integrate with exposed ceiling grid systems. These tiles provide a stylish and contemporary look, with the practicality of a vinyl surface for easy cleaning. They are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential ceilings, offering a quick and attractive solution for exposed grid installations.”

Product Description: “Introducing our top-tier Vinyl Faced Gypsum Ceiling Tiles, specifically designed for use with exposed ceiling grid systems. These tiles combine the timeless elegance of gypsum with a practical vinyl coating, resulting in a ceiling solution that is both visually appealing and highly functional. The vinyl face not only adds a modern touch but also simplifies maintenance, making these tiles ideal for areas where cleanliness is key. Their compatibility with exposed grid systems allows for straightforward installation and flexibility in design, perfect for various settings including offices, retail spaces, and homes. Choose our Vinyl Faced Gypsum Ceiling Tiles for a ceiling that impresses with both its looks and its longevity.