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Gypsum plastering is a modern day solution to time consuming and ecologically straining process of Sand Cement plaster. Further it saves on POP punning cost which is generally applied on Sand Cement plaster. Gypsum plasters have been used for centuries in the construction space, owing to its excellent and unique properties. It provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties while providing undulation free line and leveled walls with superior finish.

Skimming Plasters

These are Gypsum based plasters used for finishing interior surfaces. Skimming Plasters are formulated to adhere to various surfaces, dry within a specific time to a certain hardness , provide a smooth surface finish & resist knocks The Gypsum powder is mixed with water and used as an interior finishing plaster that can be applied directly onto brickwork, concrete blocks, concrete surfaces, cement plastered walls and Gypsum Board as used in ceilings & Drywalls.

There are now various Brands of Skimming Plasters in the South African market (both imported and locally manufactured) that offer similar performance as the most popular product in this category ,Gyproc Rhinolite. Choice of brand used is most often based on Price & Performance. Often it is found that the plasterer is resistant to change & biased towards a certain brand due to his experience . He would rather stick to using the product that he is familiar with makes him most productive on site.

Skimming Plasters are commonly supplied in powder form and are generally packed in 20-40Kg Bags. There are also Pre-mixed plasters supplied in plastic buckets that can be used immediatelly without the need for mixing with water. The pre-mixed plasters offer savings in that you use only what required and can use the rest a later time as it does not dry in the sealed bucket/ container. No mixing required means no mess on site & no water required.

Gyproc RhinoLite Multi-Purpose Plaster (40kg)

A lightweight basecoat and finishing plaster. RhinoLite is a lightweight retarded hemihydrate gypsum plaster, specially manufactured as a combined basecoat, finishing and multi-purpose plaster for internal application onto brickwork, concrete block, concrete and Gypsum Board, and as a finishing plaster onto sand cement basecoats. Gyproc RhinoLite plasters are suitable for providing high quality interior surfaces and should be used, with the addition of cold water only. RhinoLite Multipurpose plaster is a multipurpose finishing plaster applied with a one-coat application method using a steel trowel and a rubber float. A straight edge will be required when applying as a thick levelling plaster. Rhinolite can provide a highly polished smooth surface, a brush finish or a textured finish. Setting time is 60 minutes. As in good building practice, roof, windows and doors should be installed before plastering with Gyproc RhinoLite (to help prevent dry-outs and ensure consistent setting). Gyproc RhinoLite should not be used in areas where walls are washed with hosepipes, in showers or in industrial type kitchens.


Coverage of a 40kg bad of Gyproc RhinoLite is:

25 square meters at 3mm thickness

11.5 square meters at 5-6mm thickness

4.5 square meters at 12-15mm thickness

3 meters squared at 15-20mm thickness

Joint Plasters

Joint plasters are formulated Gypsum based plasters supplied in 10-20Kg bags in powder form to be mixed with water according to manufacturers instructions. Joint Plasters / Fillers are used to fill the joints between Gypsum Boards in Drywalls and ceilings & can be used as an interior crack filler or for repairing surfaces during paint preperation. Fibre Tape is normally applied to joints prior to the joint plaster to avoid cracking of the joint. Various brands are now available in the SA market and choice is usually based on price & performance.  


RHINOGLIDE is a quick setting drywall joint filler for patching, bedding and finishing. This product has been developed specifically to assist the drywall contractor to complete the jointing on jointing jobs within one day. Packed in a 20 kg bag. It is designed as a filler for plasterboard systems but can also be used as an interior crack filler and for filling rough plaster surfaces prior to painting. A 20 kg bag should be enough to finish completely approximately 35 – 40 m of joint.

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