Polystyrene Cornices

Polystyrene cornices at affordable prices

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Polystyrene cornice is to close the gap between the ceiling and the wall. Our polystyrene cornice is manufactured by Upper Edge. There are various designs to suit any room or office. They come in lengths of 2m. They are paintable but only with water-based paint. They are water proof which makes them perfect for bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity. Durable cornices as they are manufactured from high density moulded polystyrene. Cuts and dents can be filled with adhesive. They are lightweight which makes installing them easy with cornice adhesive.

Available Products

  • C30 – 30mmx30mm
  • F50 – 50mmx40mm
  • G50 – 50mmx50mm
  • K80 – 80mmx70mm
  • L80 – 80mmx80mm
  • P50 – 50mmx50mm
  • P75 – 70mmx85mm
  • S110 – 110mmx110mm
  • T110 – 110mmx110mm
  • U70 – 70mmx70mm
  • W70 – 70mmx70mm
  • X100- 95mmx100mm
  • Y100 – 95mmx100mm
  • Y125 – 125mmx125mm
  • Z60 -60mmx60mm

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