Gyproc Taper Edge Fire Stop Gypsum Board (15mm)

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Gypsum plasterboard with glass fibre strands and other additives in the core

Used in Drywall partitions, wall linings and ceiling systems to give increased fire protection.

High passive fire resistance. Can provide up to 120 minutes of fire resistance with the correct system setup.

Colour of the boards: Pink Face Paper and Brown reverse side Paper.

Storage: Stored in flat and dry conditions. Should be supported every 450mm (Maximum)

Application: Range of applications in drywalling/partitioning, including areas such as storage facilities and warehousing.Sector: Residential, commercial, health care, educational and hospitality.
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15mm Taper Edge – 1200 x 2400Lg FIRE RESISTANT, 15mm Taper Edge – 1200 x 2700Lg FIRE RESISTANT, 15mm Taper Edge – 1200 x 3000Lg FIRE RESISTANT, 15mm Taper Edge – 1200 x 3600Lg FIRE RESISTANT

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