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Fasteners are a very important & integral part of any Ceiling or Drywall installation and using inferior fasteners can have disastrous consequences such as a Ceiling collapsing, Bulkheads having to be repaired etc.

Our high quality Drywall and Tek Screws are guaranteed not to snap heads resulting in better productivity.

We stock only high quality fasteners from reputable & credible suppliers. Ceiling Suspension anchors should be selected correctly to ensure the correct fastener is used.

Available Products

  • Aluminium Rivets (3.2x10mm, 3.2x12mm, 4.0x10mm, 4.0x12mm, 4.8x10mm, 4.8x12mm)
  • Drywall Screws (3.5x25mm, 3.5x40mm)
  • Wafer TEK Screws 4x13mm
  • Nail-in Anchors (6x35mm, 6x55mm, 8x80mm) (Nylon)
  • M6 Suspension Anchor – Through Bolt Type
  • Wire Key Anchor M8
  • Wire Express Anchor M8
  • IKA M6x30 Express Nail Anchor M6
  • IKA M6x50 Express Nail Anchor M6
  • Speed Plug – 6x32mm
  • Spring Toggles – 5mm
  • Concrete Nails Fluted 25mm
  • Plasterboard Nails 32mm
  • Wire Nails (25mm, 50mm, 75mm)
  • Purlin Clip – Spring Steel 100/box
  • Fibreglass Self Adhesive Mesh Tape (45mx50mm)

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